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adidas „World cup“ in Lithuania

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progress Challenge

Football is not a favourite with Lithuanians. Therefore we could not expect to benefit just because adidas was a sponsor. The greatest challenge was to engage the audience with the football and World Cup itself – and at the same time achieve great adidas goals with a modest budget (even by Lithuanian standards).

aim5  Goals

The client emphasised importance of the campaign for the brand – adidas had to win the World Cup Finals in Lithuania and be the “top of mind” brand related with the event. To meet the challenge, we had to totally redefine our approach to communication and come up with special solutions to engage with the audience. We realised that traditional display campaign was not enough to make a powerful impact on brand perception: we needed to really involve the audience. During brainstorms with the client, we realised the need for adidas-owned space and action to activate audience involvement into World Cup through adidas.

lightbulb58 Solution

Although there are relatively low levels of interest in football in Lithuania, the situation is gradually improving. Even so, the World Cup is the most-anticipated sports event among football fans and those who have discovered a “new love”. We thought of ideas to engage with these fans, reward them for being loyal to the game and inspire more people to get to like football. adidas had to be the backbone and soul for all this to happen. 

settings48 Activation

Online was the key communication channel of the campaign. A special agreement with the largest Lithuanian news portal ( was agreed, with adidas granted main sponsor position of World Cup rubric in the portal: all articles, picture galleries, game overview pages were branded with adidas. The aim was to place adidas in people’s minds throughout the whole championship.

To further involve the audience during the World Cup, we created a World Cup totalisator app on sport’s Facebook profile, where people could predict results and winners, collect points and win adidas prizes after each WC stage. People could invite their friends to participate and win additional prize for that.

The communication was also supported on Facebook and YouTube, which helped the campaign gain additional audience reach and campaign awareness.

discount3 Results

- World Cup project reached over 600,000 unique users
- 2,500 users used the totalisator app, which is much higher involvement than similar campaigns
- Over 60,000 predictions were made
- Over 10,000 friends invited
All in all, people got involved with the World Cup regularly: they made predictions every day, calculated their points, shared guesses and results with friends – the goal of audience engagement was achieved!