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Digital Society Index 2019

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Digital Society Index 2019

The last 12 months have seen a collapse in trust in the use of digital technologies. Against that backdrop we recently conducted a landmark study, in partnership with Oxford Economics, drawing on a survey of 43,000 people across 24 countries.

Our report, launching today, outlines how brands can rebuild trust by focusing on fundamental consumer needs.

Key headlines 

  • The most valuable consumers are hardest to reach. Our research introduces a new digital consumer, a digital native who’s reducing the data they share (44%) installing ad blockers (27%) but remains most likely to buy digital products and services.
  • We need to give people belief in digital. They’ll engage more with online commerce. They’ll be more likely to use digital products and services. There’s not just an ethical case for delivering a digital economy that works for all — there’s a strong business case too.
  • Misuse of data is a red line. According to our research 8 out of 10 consumers will not do business with brands who misuse their data.