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progress Challenge

Jacobs 3in1 took over market leader position in 2013 form Nescafe 3in1. However overall market of mixes is constantly diminishing and price wars decrease ROMI.

aim5  Goals

A challenging KPI’s were set: +20% of monthly sales and SOM increase by 5%. All this during a single campaign in a year. At the same time the campaign had to have impact on brand image and strengthen emotional bond with earlier developed theme „Catch the orange mood!“

lightbulb58 Solution

Funny things might have serious consequences! A hamster-toy ŠAIPOKAS was introduced as a key hero of sales promo campaign „buy-to-win“. Why ŠAIPOKAS? It‘s funny, it‘s not available everywhere, it‘s inspirational, it perfectly fits brand image.

settings48 Activation

Mix of online channels (display and social), TV and out-of home was used to communicate the promo. Brand TG is heavy online users – so, online played core role.

discount3 Results

The business success was tremendous – monthly SOM gap from Nescafe 3in1 reached historical record (45% vs 23%). So, both business KPI’s were exceeded: mothly sales +53% (vs planned +20%), SOM +10% (vs planned +5%).

Communication also triggered WOM among consumers: winners of ŠAIPOKAS shared their videos with a toy online.